Leaving Las Vegas…

Las Vegas

After 42 hours on instruction over three days, it’s finally time to head home.  I don’t really mind the four hour drive home, as it gives me time to reflect on the many concepts and revelations over the past few days. There are so many changes I need to make in order reach a level that I’m satisfied with. There is always a higher mountain peak above the one you have just climbed – always another obstacle between me and the perfection I so desperately seek.

Photography is an extremely competitive market. It seems like anyone can pick up a camera and show up to a wedding. Some may even be able to take good photos. But the reality is that wedding photography is so much more than taking pictures.  My job is to capture the priceless memories of a couple’s most important day. Not just any memories mind you, but the warmth of the embrace, the flutter of butterflies as she walks down the aisle, and the skipping heart beat when the groom see’s his bride for the first time. Wedding photography is about capturing these feelings for all time, immortalized in an image for all to see and celebrate. It’s about life.

I just spent the last three days in Las Vegas for a photographer’s convention with some of the most impressive leaders in the industry. I’ve listened, learned, networked and communicated ideas with other photographers, united in our common goal and reaching into a new level. I’ve learned so much about photography, weddings and ultimately people. In the end, I love what I do, and I happily thrive on helping my clients remember the most important day of their lives though this medium called photography.

I hope I am living up to this incredible standard with all my past couples. If you are a past client, I cannot think of anything more precious than what you have entrusted to me. For that, I humbly thank you.

It is with your gratitude that I press forward. It is your honest thanks that gives me the courage to call myself a Wedding Photographer.

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