Tyler and Danielle

Hi Guys!
I’m thrilled to present you with this draft of your wedding album! Your album was custom designed by me as a 30 page 14×10 album. The standard paper is a photographic glossy with thick pages. You also have several cover options. Don’t forget to choose the type of cover you would like for your album. You can see the different types of covers and materials by visiting this page. Pick any cover you like, the price is included!
Each image file, or ‘spread,’ represents two pages in your album. (left and right, just like a paperback book). So there are 15 spreads or 30 pages when counting left and right pages.  

To make it easier for me to understand and keep track of the revisions, quickly describe the spread and photo location where revisions are required and what you would like changed.  (Example: “Spread #1: right side, top left photo, dress hanging, replace with picture_049.”) After you’re done describing all the revisions, just hit Submit and I’ll get an email with your revisions, and I’ll start working on the album again. Or if it’s easier you can just email me the revisions. 

When I’m done making revisions, I’ll send you an email so you can see the changes for Draft 2, and so on. We’ll do as many revisions as we need before you guys are perfectly happy with it. Once you guys are happy with a spread, you can approve the design by typing the word APPROVED click the SUBMIT button. At that point, no more revisions can be made as I send it to the printers right away. After you approve your album, you can expect it ready in 6 – 8 weeks.
I know this is a lot of information, so if you have any questions, email me, leave a comment on this page or just call. Have fun looking through the pages in your album, I hope if brings back the awesome memories of the day :)


Second Draft, 08/31/2021

Spread 1, above
Spread 2, above
Spread 3, above
Spread 4, above
Spread 5, above
Spread 6, above
Spread 7, above
Spread 8, above
Spread 9, above
Spread 10, above
Spread 11, above
Spread 12, above
Spread 13, above
Spread 14, above
Spread 15, above

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