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I’m Mike, a wedding photographer. But truth be told, that title is such a small part of who I am. I’m a dad of three kiddos. Most of my family lives in Riverside, I’m the oldest of seven! I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and his salvation. I love helping my church, Sandals, achieve goals bigger than my own. I’m a geek and also a gamer. I love to go scuba diving in Laguna, hiking, camping just about anywhere and gardening at my Riverside home. I really enjoy working outside, which is why I love my job as a photographer. Every week I’m shooting at some new and cool location. I love to travel and see new things. I’ve even been lucky enough to join couples at their weddings in Hawaii, Jamaica, San Francisco, and Chicago! I’m totally blessed to be able to shoot weddings, but really, it’s so much more than just "taking pictures." I’ve shot enough weddings to know it’s not just a ceremony to bring two lives together. It’s the beginning of a life-long journey. Wedding pictures are so much more than just images we post on Facebook or hang on the wall. It’s about the essence of life and love. It’s all about these special moments that happen in just a split second. I believe pictures should be a feeling, an expression of a couple's love for each other, wrapped in a pretty package of emotion on your wedding day. The best way to capture that is with a photo. A single picture can tell your love story. So what's your story? Maybe you’re not sure and that’s ok. Let me help you discover that story like I’ve helped so many others.

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I'm based out of Riverside, California. I shoot mostly in SoCal but love to travel too!