Jamaica: Day One

We arrived at 6:30am Jamaica time. The plane landed in one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing how far one can see when there’s nothing but water surrounding you. We got off the plane and did the usual customs and inspections before getting on the bus – as if the plane wasn’t enough. The bus ride was only two hours and gave me plenty of time to do a little bit of sightseeing from the window. I say me because Mo slept the whole time. We eventually arrived at our destination and what a relief! We were greeted with champagne and a very large buffet. The food was totally awesome! Despite the fact that we hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before, we wanted to jump in the warm Caribbean water everyone talks about before catching a nap. So we changed into our suits and jumped in. It was pretty much like everyone had made it out to be, crystal clear and warm as day. It felt so good just to splash around after all that traveling.

It was the strangest thing. While we were still swimming, I heard my name being called. We turn around and see Betsy and Justin swimming over to us. It really hit me how strange it was. Not that met them, but we traveled all this way, many hours on a plane, and then a few more hours driving on the crazy streets of Jamaica and then to this resort on the side of the main road, and then in the ocean to top it all off, we see them! Very cool.

We eventually got back to our nice air conditioned room and took a very long nap. Then we grabbed some dinner with Betsy and Justin and went back to bed. We have the rest of the week to enjoy.


It was raining just enough to make everything look really cool as we drove to the Resort. Jamaican roads are pretty crazy. Their really small and have lots of sharp turns. There are no sidewalks, so everyone just walks on the side of the roads.  We about jumped out of our skins the first time the bus driver passed someone walking on the road. Could have sworn a few inches over and he would have nick’d him. I guess its just the way they drive.


We saw lots of American things there, including Mario! (We’ll I guess its an Asian thing)


One of the many relaxing  places at the Resort. Monique was getting a massage in there.


Our room. It’s pretty awesome. Mini bar, ac and an awesome balcony with a view of the ocean.

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