Jamaica: Day Four (part 2)

The taxi driver was nice enough to come back for us and take us on the rest of our adventure. We quickly got over our fear and found him more like a guide. He told us all the places to go and not go, where to get cash and do our shopping. We made a stop in Negril and did a little shopping and walking the streets. This is really one of my favorite parts of travel. I love mixing with the people as they go about their day. Although the bank was pretty scary. Many locals hang out by the ATM machines begging for money. The ATM itself is in its own security room with tinted windows and dead-bolt doors. It kinda freaked me out.  After our stop in Negril, Bryan and Cindy want to check out Rick’s Café. Although Monique and I had already been, I was still cool to go back with them. More cliff jumping, more food, another amazing sunset.


All the school kids where uniforms. As one of the locals said, “Its just easier that way.”


Yes! I found my fruit stand! My pineapple was very good, btw. It servered as an awesome breakfast the next morning. I wanted to try some other stuff, namely a local fruit called “akeey,” but it required a little bit of cooking.



A typical strip mall. This was about a nice as they come in Negril.



Wow, “Rush Hour 3” made it to Jamaica!





These guys played so fast! When they made their move, they slammed down the peices too. It was very fun to watch as they take it very seriously.


Red Stripe was the staple beer in Jamaica. Every one drank it. I’m not into beer, but I did like this one. It was a bit sweeter than the beer back home.


A view from the taxi back home.



Cuban cigars are legal in Jamaica! So we bought a few. I’ve have never tried or ever had an interest in smoking, but I figure their Cuban right? Why not try the best?

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