Day 14 – Seattle, Wa

Seattle. We made it. We checked out a few of the sites. Although I spent most of my time at a gaming convention, PAX :) Oh yes, very good times indeed!

Here’s a few shots from our wondering. Pike’s Place Market was cool to see. Very crowded though on a Friday. I couldn’t believe how many people we walking around with camera’s and taking pictures. It kinda seemed like most people were there being a tourist. We also saw the first Starbucks, which didn’t look like a Starbucks at all. It was rather bland inside with tons of product boxed lining the walls. And finally, a shot of the Space Needle. We were too cheap to pay the $40 to go up, so I just grabbed a free pictures instead :)







  • September 14, 2009 - 12:29 pm

    Court - Wow, that’s an impressive shot of the space needle! Glad you worked something out from that angle.

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