Matt and Cara, a Palm Springs wedding

Matt and Cara had a really fantastic Palm Springs wedding. They gave me lots of time for romantic pictures which makesView full post »

100,000 Pictures

I really wasn’t sure what to expect in 2008. It was my first year on my own as a photographer. All I could reallyView full post »

Joey & Danielle ~ Engaged!

The more I shoot at Laguna, the more I love it. And it seems like I’m not the only one. There was anotherView full post »

Harrison & Anita at UCLA

I’ve never been to or much less shot at UCLA before. I’m impressed. There was lots of little places toView full post »

Jason and Erin, a Palm Springs Wedding at the Living Desert

Jason and Erin were married at the awesome Living Desert in Palm Springs. Their love for animals and the outdoors wasView full post »

Lake Arrowhead HDR

Just a few quick shots of surrounding Lake Arrowhead area…View full post »

Laura and Ryan – Lake Arrowhead

It sounded like a good idea at the time. Lake Arrowhead. Should be beautiful this time of year – right? TheView full post »

1, 2, 3 :)

Happy Birthday Zac! I can’t believe you’re already 3!View full post »

Mike and Liz, a Santa Ana Wedding

Mike and Liz gave me two things every photographer needs to make great wedding photos: time and light. And I believe weView full post »

Adrian and Eli ~ Married!

I know I’m really behind in my blogging, but wanted to make sure I showed these guys off before it got too long.View full post »

Chris & Michelle – March Air Force Base

I really can’t believe how fast time is flying by! Chris and Michelle’s wedding was back in September andView full post »

Liz and Mike – Engaged!

Liz and Mike are getting married this weekend! (I know, I know, I always blog really, really late!) We started off byView full post »

Senior Portraits

It’s sisters like Ashleigh and Savanna that really make me wonder why I don’t do more senior portraits.  IView full post »

Ayla & Jordan – Married!

I’ll be honest. It was a little difficult getting back into the flow of things after having so much time off, butView full post »

Day 15 – On the Road Again & HOME!!!

Its always good to see family. Especially when they live so far away. The Keg was a REALLY GOOD steak house! Go if youView full post »

Day 14 – Seattle, Wa

Seattle. We made it. We checked out a few of the sites. Although I spent most of my time at a gaming convention, PAX :)View full post »

Day 13 – Deception Pass, WA

In my opinion, this was one of the most scenic spots of our trip. This place was very popular for that reason.View full post »

Day 12 – Mazama, WA

Here’s another try at some HDR stuff. I think I’m getting better, but I know there’s lots of room forView full post »