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Victoria & Ahmet

Victoria’s from Russia, Ahmet’s from Turkey. How

Jasmine & Jeremy

I love it when a couple trusts me to do my thing.

Ammie & Trevor

I know engagement photos can be exciting for a couple

Steven & Bekah

So I was tagging along with one my photographer

Brian & Heather

Brian & Heather. What can I say? Thank You Guys

William & Kenyan – Married!

Have you heard of the perfect couple? Well William and

William & Kenyan Engaged!!

These guys were a little shy at first, but quickly got

Jason & Alyssa Wine

I’ve known Alyssa since we were about seven or

Steven & Kristi

I love small weddings. Not only is it easier to

Funny Stuff

So I helped out my little sister with her first

Steven & Kristi

It’s really awesome as a photographer to have

Chris & Brittney

I was a little worried going into this wedding since I

Aaron & Elissa

 Since I can’t go to my co-workers wedding in

Erica & Brandon

A New Years Eve wedding? Sure! Erica and Brandon got

Nick & Katie

I met Katie through her brother, Joe. He and I used to

Nick & Katie’s Engagement

Nick flew down the day before, so it made it really

Brandon & Erica: The Engagement

We went down to Corona Del Mar an awesome time.

Betsy & Justin: A Jamaican Wedding

I worked with both Betsy and Justin back at UCR and at